This all-in-one guide is to answer your questions on the Cleanplak Water Flosser and your Oral Health.

Do you ever WONDER why your gums bleed easily?
Well, it might be due to some simple factors, such as using the wrong method when brushing and/or flossing your teeth. Or even it could be a sign of a health condition which you need to check out with your dentist.
Common Causes:

If you’re having bleeding gums it is most likely due to one of the reasons below:

• You have gingivitis, a disease which causes inflammation of the gums.
• You’re a tough person and you brush your teeth too hard! or on the bright side, your toothbrush isn’t soft enough.
• Just recently realised that brushing alone is NOT enough and how important to your Oral Health is flossing. so you have started a flossing routine and your gums aren’t used to it.
• You may take certain medications, like blood thinners.
• You’re going to have a baby soon (if this is you then congratulations on having a new baby!! Your gums can be Inflamed due to pregnancy, this type of gingivitis is called the “pregnancy gingivitis”.
• Or, you have dentures that don’t fit well.

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