Cleanplak Water Flosser

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Cleanplak is the easiest and most effective way of flossing. It has been designed to help you achieve the best oral health result in conjunction with your normal daily brushing.


  1. Fill the reservoir with warm water and place firmly on the base.
  2. Select a tip and click into the handle.
  3. Start with the lowest pressure setting, lean over the sink, place tip in your mouth.
  4. Turn unit on. Close lips enough to prevent splashing, let water flow from your mouth into sink.
  5. Aim the tip at the gumline.
  6. When finished, turn unit off and use the tip eject button to remove the tip.


57 reviews for Cleanplak Water Flosser

  1. Eldin Seif

    Generally ok.
    Does a good job cleaning. However, the design of the on/off button is not very handy. I wish it was pressure triggered, I mean on when pressed and off when released.

  2. Joseph Bonavia

    Nice product
    The cleanplak does an excellent job and I believe it is better than using floss

  3. Lynette Khoo

    Ease of use
    My hubby likes it very much. Cleans well and feel fresh after.

  4. Cleanplak Customer

    Love it
    I should have invested in this years ago
    Love it and use it twice a day because so easy and quiet to use

  5. Jezza

    Very good! not bad. Wife got one now we both use it. Gentle on the teeth and gums . Need to be quick the water spray dosent last long. leaves a fresh tingling sensation in your mouth.


    Top Quality
    This Cleanplak cordless water flosser is the best absolutely love it.
    Definitely highly recommended.

  7. Vib Chakraborty

    Light & powerful
    Never used one before. But i can see the benifits of prolonged use.

  8. Lia Song

    It’s an amzing product. Everyone should have one at home
    Flossing the side of the last molar used to take me a long time because my mouth is small and the molar grows very deep. But Cleanplak perfectly solved this problem. Sometimes I add mouthwash, I feel very refreshing! This model have two normal heads, so I can safely share it with my husband. it takes less space so I can put it with our toothbrush. This helps me to remind flossing before brushing.

  9. Sunny

    It’s working fine.
    Easy to use as it’s cordless.

  10. Larry B Kenneth

    Excellent product! I really like the cleanplak because it does an excellent job cleaning between the teeth.

  11. catherine kluba

    Easy to use
    I like it and use it everyday. Very handy

  12. Georgina Orchard

    it’s good it leaves your mouth fresher

  13. Abdulrahman Duaywah

    Simple and good
    Good quality and easy to charge

  14. George

    Overall a good product. Works as it described

  15. Steven Leslie

    This is better than the standard string flossing ! Thank you for your quick delivery too .

  16. Lee

    Amazing product and price
    Bought it because It was recommended by many friends of mine. Really satisfied by the quality and the price too!

  17. Vo Tran

    Good product but need to be patience to use it
    Good product as advertised! However when on high pressure the water run out so quickly, so have to fill up few times to really complete the job!

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